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Uncommon Ways to Use Web Video for Your Business

Web video is a very basic and effective way to convey information about a business, yet many businesses still aren’t utilizing it. If you’ve been wondering how you can use videos for your business, take a look at these great examples.


Happy customers are usually more than willing to share their great stories about companies. Although testimonials are usually written, video testimonials are not uncommon.

Most people are well aware of how to create a video on their computers and will be happy to create a 30-second video praising your company. This medium makes the stories come alive for prospective clients.

Replace written content

With all of the text that you find on a standard website, it is easy to get lost in the content. Mixing the text with some video can deliver the same message in a way that is new and refreshing to visitors.

Instead of having an average “About us” page, try using a video to describe your business. It can make people feel more connected with your company and gives them a break from text overload.


Educational videos such as product demos or even “How to” videos are extremely popular. Although you may not sell products that you can create a demo for, you can still create videos that relate to your business – whatever it may be.

Clothing stores can make videos demonstrating how to best wear a garment, or a trend. Things like this can go a long way and tend to make your clients look to you as an expert.

Web video is still relatively new when it comes to business uses, but the potential uses are expanding. If you’re interested in learning more new ways to use web video for your business, take a look at this article.


About John Sarzoza Jr.

John is a Business Development Executive and founder of SoMN Consulting Group LLC. We are a full service business development and sales consulting practice devoted to the salesQB program and the future success of southern Minnesota SMBs. With over 25 years of experience John brings a fresh and unique approach to business development. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur he has started, successfully ran and then sold multiple businesses. With a focus on analysis, sales planning and execution, we are able to help our clients proceed down the path to Guaranteed Growth. By leveraging our vast experience, strategic planning, training and coaching you can take your business to that next level. All businesses need a sales plan that is in alignment with the goals and objectives set forth by the owner/company. We’ll provide one along with the steps needed to execute. We analyze everything from sales process and management to employee compensation and then deliver the right model for your business. Can’t afford a VP of Sales, Sales Director or even a Sales Manager? We can provide all the same services for a fraction of the cost. Our consultants’ experience spans all industries, from manufacturing to service industries and more. So whether you “do it yourself” or leverage our team, you can sleep well knowing the right plan is in-place to increase sales, revenue and profitability. Let’s face it, every team need a QB and the owner should NOT be focused on moving the team down the field. Your job is to run the organization…..let me be your salesQB so you can focus on running the organization. Contact me today to get the ball rolling.

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